What is Imagining Godzilla?

What is Imagining Godzilla?

Imagining Godzilla is a network platform for short-term, semi-residential art and science research projects, based on the sailing catamaran Godzilla .

Eva Macali working with her Underwater Poetry project at Pilajasaari harbour

Godzilla is a mobile platform for undertaking artistic and other forms of research that are appropriate for a sailing vessel. The shallow draft (less than 1m) allows the boat to get close inshore. Under sail, the boat cruises comfortably at between 6 to 8 knots. The twin-hulled catamaran form provides a wide and stable platform underway, at anchor, or in harbour for various types of activity.

We invite artists and other researchers who are interested to use this platform for an experimental research trip, to imagine how they can benefit from a period with us onboard Godzilla. There are no restrictions on the type of artistic or scientific projects that can be proposed, so please use your imagination to help us continue to develop a unique residency platform.

Some possible project themes and ideas:

  • Aerial photography using drone
  • Accessing remote island for artistic activity
  • Experimental music or performance platform
  • Water sample collection
  • Surveying extent of blue algae blooms
  • Wildlife observation
  • Other types of data collection and remote sensing

The Vessel

Godzilla is a Pahi 42 polynesian style sailing catamaran designed by James Wharram. Wharram was the first person to sail a catamaran across the Atlantic ocean in the 1950’s, and is regarded as one of the pioneers of multihull sailing. The Pahi 42 is designed for ocean sailing, and is a stable and seaworthy craft. Godzilla has sleeping accommodation in the hulls for five, with room on deck for about ten people for day sailing. She has a cutter rig and twin outboard motors. There is a galley for cooking, and a chemical toilet. The boat has full navigational equipment, including chart plotter, radar, A.I.S., VHF radio, and all appropriate safety equipment and a six-person life raft. There is ample storage space for other equipment and supplies. There is also a 10’ dinghy with outboard, oars, and sailing rig, for exploring creeks and bays.

James Wharram Designs (for more information on the design):